Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yesterday's piece

Our group "Embellisher_Art_Squares" has set RED for it's first swap.

The Art squares are to measure 1.5 inches......less fiddly than the one inch squares!
So,first I needed to make a piece of felt.

Using a square of Dissolve4X,I used the only red I had which was in a spiral dyed wool top called Lorikeet.

Here is the final result,after the needle felted wool had its cold water bath to dissolve the stabiliser.
The dark marks are where the odd fibres of very dark blue snuck in;

I also used some Glitz fibre (I'd purchased from my favourite Ebay seller)just to add a hint of 'bling.'
Now,to see if the maths is correct and I can cut 25 squares from the piece..............

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Carol said...

Your piece is looking good. What a lovely rich red. Lorikeet is new to me how does the embellisher handle it?