Thursday, June 28, 2007

Colour me Brown

Using the brown felted piece made yesterday I made these two postcard sized pieces.

Over on Needlefelt_Challenge group,the current challenge is BROWN, so this is to fulfill my part.
The upper card has some brown silk fabric needlefelted to the base felt.The paisley print on the right hand scrap I avoided with the needles to preserve its integrity.

The orange type flowers are deconstructed dyed silk rods with doll buttons added as an extra texture;the vine leaves were couched into position.
The lower card has similar elements: parts of the silk rods and couched (down) brown knitting yarn and more of the vine leaves.
I'm thinking of using the remainder of the felted piece for a small embellished purse or bag.

Now to let Myfanwy over at Nuvo Felt Blog,and the Needlefelt_Challenge group know that I've completed another Challenge!

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Naturegirl said...

Your artwork in crazy quilts is quite
beautiful! Thank you for introducing yourself to me while viewing my ~lavender post!~ It is always a pleasure to meet new creative spirits around the globe within the blogging community!Hello from Canada a nature lovin.. NG

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Maureen,
Popped over to say hello.
I love this post card...the colours of the leaves are lovely..

katiejayinpa said...

awesome..i love how the colors work with each other....this just says "autumn" and falling leaves..what a great piece!