Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hot shoe shuffle

Well,my card (for me) is finished......not that I did much to yesterday's photo to complete it.
It started off as a reply to the theme "Glitz and Glamour"..........
Well to me,spike heels spell GLAMOUR!!
So,with Tangoes and Rhumbas and steamy sultry nights in mind.............this one's for me!
The other ,gentler two will be unveiled when they reach their new owners.

Today being Sunday and raining as well (a rare event in our neck of the woods) I spent most of the day stitching:

I completed the EIGHT cards remaining for my art2mail Group 29 Swap........if the remaining swappers are still alive!( this has been the most uncommunicative group I've ever been involved with.........whether they all melted in the US summer;migrated to Alaska; or plain don't care.........Who knows!)

In the meantime,I have Doreen,Leslie and Alison to dream up confections (for).

As I need to get my DH to a medical appointment some 40 k away by 8.15 am tomorrow..........
and before that happens,I want to piece a "comfort doll" to play with whilst I wait out the Queensland Health System----
so,off to stitch a bit!

May all your troubles be small!

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Carol said...

Your postcard is beautiful. I love the rich colour and the glitz. I think everything is quiet at the moment it's just the time of year.

Take care driving.