Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hibiscus sabdariffa

I thought that after my earlier comments re planting Rosella plants,you might like to see what they look like!
(Isn't the colouring so rich...and lush!

Rosella ia a robust many branched shrub-like annual that gets 4 to 7 feet tall in optimum conditions.

The dark green leaves are about 6 inches across and deeply dissected into five narrow lobes.
The stems,branches,leaf veins and leaf stems/petioles are reddish.

The hibiscus -like are yellow and about 3 inches in diameter;
At the bottom edge of the flower eclosing the bases of the five petals is a fleshy ruby red "cup"/calyx which develops as the seed covering after the flowers is pollinated.

These calyces are used to make juices,sauces,jam ,wines and pies...the pie being similar to a rhubarb pie.
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verobirdie said...

I thought rosellas are only birds... Thanks for showing those. I'd like to try a rosella pie!