Sunday, November 11, 2007

Storm lilies

After last night's rain,the storm lilies are "bloomin' luvverly"
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Calidore said...

One seed has grown for me - just one!!! Arrrrr I live in hope of getting a clump like yours one day...vbg. How nice to see you out and about so to speak. Love the garden photos - despite your water restrictions it is obviously thriving.



Helen said...

Your garden is growing well Maureen. I sometimes wish mine was smaller, and more manageable. Sometimes, I look at it and think, "Where do I start?" I do try though to clear a little each week and I have some veges growing in my flower garden this year. Less pests that way. I've mulched everything with very wet, shredded newspaper and covered that with some home-grown lucerne mulch. I have some zucchinis almost ready for picking and this morning, I noticed a very pretty daylily in bloom.
Mine is the white storm lily (zephiranthes)but I do know where I can get some pink ones.

Maureen said...

Yes Helen........I'll save some of the seed heads from my pink ones for you!