Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The times they are a changing!

My " three score and ten" natal celebration on July 8,seems to have marked a watershed in my life!
I've finally started trying things I've dreamed of since my teen years:
Going back to theatre work;
and being "ME"
For so long,I have been : Mrs C; mother;corporate wife;farmer; trying to be a fibre artist...........
and now,it's "enough already"----
what I do now is for "ME" and no one else.
I no longer have to worry about tidal surges affecting others...........

Lately I have joined into not only choral groups; Indoor bowls groups; Theatre workshop group;
Gliding;Japanese conversation (more about that later) Sight singing and vocal techniques;but I feel so ALIVE......................!!

To my older online friends

Don't wither away and die: Use your talents!!

We are dead a very long time................use it or lose it!


Calidore said...

Yeah - good for your. It's time you did things for yourself - although I still wonder how you even had the nerve to get into that glider let alone fly it...vbg. Have fun and enjoy yourself. As you say - you're a long time dead.


PS Owe you an email....soon I promise.

Anonymous said...

Well, aren't you the one full of suprises! Yes it is time to do everything you want to do, no matter what the kids say, LOL! I am real happy for you, and give me 2 more years and I will do some suprises on the be 70, LOL! Hugs Judy B in smoky Calif.