Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Japan bound! (and) WAT's on Television tonight?

Back in July I mentioned that I was commencing language lessons in Japan.........a friend and I were contemplating visiting Japan in the northern Spring of 2009.

However,as often happens,plans change and we are departing in 20 days time!
As Gail has lived in as well as visitting the country several times,I have left the planning in her very capable hands.

The photos included in this post are indicative of the travel literature and language text books I am trying to digest

The third pic is to prove that Australian made souvenirs can still be found,if one hunts hard enough!

I had hoped to use some of my work as presents for our hosts and friends , and am yet to make the decision.

Re: WAT's on Television Tonight"

It is a small review being staged by a group of about 16 people as a fund raiser for the recently established Redcliffe Hospital Foundation,
by WAT .....Workshop Art Theatre, a non audtioned group of enthusiastic amatuers from the Redcliffe Peninsula.

I will try and sneak some photos tonight at dress rehearsal,to share with you.

Ciao for now

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back on your Blog. Good luck for the Japan trip Maureen.
XXX Margaret

Calidore said...

Japan!!!! Ohh you lucky girl. Have a wonderful time. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself and going there with someone who knows the place will make it all so much easier.