Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tokyo streetscapes

YANAKA GINZA is a small street market that retains the warm atmosphere of

Shitamachi,the traditional section in Tokyo with origins from the Edo period.

Yanaka is also known for its cats,and I was intrigued by the various figurines of cats in the Yanaka Ginza.

The two above are known as Maneki Neko ,or "prosperity" or even "Beckoning cats"
Many were seen like the two above at the entrance to a business.
It is reckoned that if the left paw is raised,it is beckoning customers into the business premises;If the right paw is raised it's meant top be attracting money or good fortune!
Along this lane there were cats on the awnings and roofs in all sorts of poses......
and just around the corner in a small temple was a live cat sunning on the shrine steps,until a monk came out and fed it!

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Aussie_Cat said...

thank you so very much - for sharing by pictures and words - your thoughs - I really love this section on cats - I wanted to comment on all of your trip pictures - they are all wonderful and with your words really take us there - you manage to answer the questions that pop into my mind when I see the pics - you have a wonderful gift for sharing - thank you so much - love - Aussie_Cat