Saturday, January 08, 2011

Breakfast at Woody Point

I may not have access to the wildlife/birds that I had when I lived at Moodlu nearly four years ago, but I am still blessed that mature flowering trees entice the birdlife in for a over my back fence, are a Euodia (rain forest tree);
a Poinciana, which due to incessant rains has lost its blossoms, and an African Tulip tree (Spathodea "something")
The birds love their blossoms and their nectar,
As the Euodia is in bloom, the Rainbow Lorikeets have vacated the Tulip tree (the canopies of the three trees intertwine) to allow the Galahs and Corellas to dine in peace.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures you've posted. Thanks for sharing what your side of the world looks like.