Sunday, February 06, 2011

Postmark'dArt : Round 12 :A WiP

The themes for Round 12 of Postmark'dArt group were posted on the group's notice board a few days back.I chose Buttons
Element: EARTH
for my themes.
As we had a limit of six people per group I thought it would be a good chance to employ the method suggested for the ELEMENTS over the past few rounds.
Commence with a 12.5 inch square of interfacing (my choice is FAST2FUSE) and construct one large block, then divide into six (6x4inch) postcards
Add backing; "finish" edges; Address and pop into a mail box.

In my fabric stash, I have a few pieces of button themed fabric, none of which really have a commonality of colour ways, so I added a few pieces of plain homespun and used a Crazy patch method of constructing the basic block.
To the crazy patched block I am adding embellishments in the form of buttons, sequins, braids and laces.
(More still needed)
If you look closely, you can see yellow marking lines: this is where the large block will be divided into six.
I also have a button themed paper to use on the reverse side to complete the theme.
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