Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Haiku: (Romantic) LOVE

After using "Patriotic" Love for my first attempt for the February Haiku,
I thought to try my hand at "Romantic" Love:

I finally decided on showing two of my attempts on the one art piece
which was constructed using a piece of pink Lutradur which has been "washed" with a layer of Lumiere
Pearlescent / Magenta paint.

I appliqued three floral fabric hearts, and one heart outline in the same material to the background Lutradur.
In the top left hand corner, I added a textured cardboard heart which had also been washed with the Pearlescent Lumiere paint.
The heart outline had sprays of green vine embellishment added , and in the quilting lines within the heart I wrote in metallic gold ink:

"New love flourishes
Blissful days and nights
Soul mates forever."

In the shadow quilting above the heart I wrote:

"Love's sweet melodies
Bliss filled days and nights
Valentines always. "

Unfortunately, my photographic skills are not up to making the gold writing easier to read.

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