Thursday, September 29, 2011

A fishy tale


Some six days ago, over on my Wordpress blog
I lamented that I tidied up so well before I went away, that I couldn't find where I'd stored the beginnings of seven fabric and fibre Postcards that I had started on for a Postmark'dArt swap.

Finally after much re organisation, and accepting that I would need start from scratch, I found them, completely by accident>
Honestly, I didn't know just how many bags of knitting fibres I had accumulated; and you guessed it, the cards were nestled into a bag of shaggy fibres: tangled in sea-weed!
I fussy cut the fish from some fabric I've had for at least eight years, and added some gold ink to the dorsal and pectoral fins for a slight emphasis.
Some of the shaggy knitting fibres were used to represent sea weeds and a few heat fused diamante were used to represent air bubbles.

All I need do now, is address them and pop them in the mail.
One (theme) down, and two to go!

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DelightfullyCrazy said...

Your creations are always beautiful Maureen xxx