Thursday, October 06, 2011

Song title:

One of my favourite songs is Jim Croce "If I could put Time in a bottle",
so, naturally I chose it to represent my current swap postcards for Postmark'dArt Group.

I had it all figured out----combining the lyrics with a (flat) bottle containing parts of de- constructed wrist watches.
I printed the lyrics onto some ExtravOrganza and added a blue border

The problem arose, when after gently wrecking a couple of old battery operated watches, I found that today's watches don't have the cogs and springs that those of yester year contained.
Add to that, the fact that the dials were too thick to include as part of a postcard.


What to do!
Using some TAP paper, I printed out some clip art: An hour glass.
And this was transferred to the card's background, to match the border on the lyric sheet.

Once again, using clip art, I printed some clock faces, and for four of the cards, these were glued to a card bottle shape;
A layer of clear vinyl to create a bottle effect
and the organza sheet was layered over the hourglass in some and the "bottles" on the other four cards.

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