Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recycled Clothing: Kimonos

 The brief was to produce fabric postcards from recycled clothing.
As I have quite a collection of both "de-constructed" Kimonos, as well as entire kimonos and Haori coats I decided to use mainly  silk fabrics and a kimono theme.

Initially, I had planned on making mini kimonos and displaying them on crazy pieced backgrounds.
However, the first, and only "mini kimono" was too bulky for use on a postcard, so I rethought my strategy and decided to combine western attire with Japanese.
Firstly, using a sheet of Lutradur, I printed some pattern pieces from an old VOGUE pattern that I had used years ago.
These I cut to shape and super- imposed over the silks I had stitched to form the back ground.
In two instances, using some Kaiser Kraft "wooden flourishes" of dressmaker's mannequins , I fashioned "western style" gowns and stitched them to the foundation fabric.
Other cards again featured the silk fabrics as foundation, and Origami paper dolls  and more Lutradur pattern pieces.

Finally, trying to "think outside the square" I remembered hand bags I made some years back from old Jeans: So I decided to PLAY.
Using a remnant originally planned for conversion to another tote bag, I made a coin purse, and decorated it with a button cluster.
I have used double sided tape to secure it to a card backing.
However, IF I send it on, it will need to travel in an envelope or padded bag, as it certainly exceeds the quarter inch thickness that Postal Services will accept.

I must admit that I did enjoy trying to fit the proverbial square peg in a round hole.
(In this case, a purse as a Postcard)
What do you think?

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