Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bring on the books!

 As a slight change, I've been "playing" with fabric bookmarks for a swap over on PCMA.

Funny, isn't it! You think "How difficult can it be, making a bookmark!"

My first attempt, trying to keep within a parameter of two inches maximum width, by a maximum of eight inches, was a Gumleaf--- :I used Florist's wire as the central vein to add stiffness to the fabrics that had been fused together  with Vlisoflex.

The next card
  featured a machine embroidered Aussie wildflower and some very basic crazy patchwork .

Unfortunately, this book mark "blew out" to 3.5 inch width because of the size of the m/e flower. I may go back and prune the length to a more manageable size.

Finding some black and white cat print in my stash, I played with the rough outline of a cat. On both sides of the bookmark I employed the cat fabric.

More to follow with the next upload of scans.

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