Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mopane silhouettes

 The theme for the swap on the Valerie Hearder Landscape Quilt Group was "African landscape" and I thought to work a postcard NOT featuring African animals!
I do have a tendency to attempt tree silhouettes and sunsets frequently: sorry about that, but I do like the reds, orange, gold and black that I automatically think of when I think of sunsets.

To create the tree trunks and branches, I chose to use black Xpandaprint for these; normally I use the WHITE Xpandaprint and after heat treating it I paint it with black Neopaque paint.
The black Xpandaprint tends to produce a dark grey, and next time I use it, I will definitely over paint it with the Neopaque black.
Because I was attempting to obtain a flattened foliage effect I used a confetti method for the foliage:
This involved cutting black fabric into minute pieces and overlaying them with black tulle to hold the confetti in position.
Metallic gold Neopaque paint was also used to provide splashes of sun glow in the sky and the darkened ground.

Tomorrow, three of these Postcards will commence their travels: One to Ireland, and two to Canada.

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