Sunday, July 21, 2013

She's back!

It seems forever since I last blogged. 
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I hope that my readers may have missed me, as I have missed them. The past nearly two months I experienced some major ill health that necessitated some time in hospital, and needless to say, I have had neither the incentive or the inspiration to play with fabric and thread. The above green work embroidered Postcards were a swap I committed to before I became so ill, and I admit they are not the greatest and I hope the recipients forgive me for being so late in delivering them. The Summer swap round of Postmark'dArt is drawing to it's conclusion with the end of July and the conversation there is about what will be the swap themes for the next round. I am debating about "sitting out" this round also, as I still feel so "blah" and wonder about coping with mailing deadlines. Add to this dilemma I have "mountains" of unfinished works: My Red and black works (Newspaper) and a heap of unmadelittle gowns destined for "premmie" babies in Fiji remain neglected. I'm guessing that my play time with Postcards is at an end, at least in the for see able future.........I never thought I would say that! My sewing room is piled with soft muslins for baby wraps ; light cotton fabrics to be cut and stitched into minute gowns for the bubs (the smallest is FIVE INCHES long) and old jeans to be cut down into bags/hold-alls for homeless people to carry some of their belongings.

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