Friday, April 29, 2005

This week in Moodlu

One way and another,it's been a busy week for me:
Slowly coming to grips with "how" to manage my new Blog(and a few red faces along the way); a few medical hiccups,and completing those naked fan blocks for "that" RR.

Today was a "full-on" day:joining up with five othersewing/quilting/crafty/mad friends and going down to Brisbane for a dose of "Stitches and Craft" frenzy.
It's amazing how many people you bump into........that you've met a)In the district
b)via the Internet.
For all the negative comments you hear from some regarding internet communication,I have only positive vibes,and a depleted bank balance.
But I've enjoyed myself and widened my horizons,so I'm happy.

Besides "must have items" like a clover mini iron for my CQ (----"they" tell me that Ken Smith uses his to press crinkles INTO his silk fabrics!!Must try that!!
I purchased more threads,buttons,beads,charms,laces etc.
The tatting needles I bought last year "needed" a needle tatting book,another demonstration and some gorgeous vareigated yarn.............guess what I'm going to play with over the weekend??
Tuesday,next week,I hope to post my naked fan blocks on to the next RRer----unless I change my mind again,and make a naked block for a Scrip bag.........decisions,decisions!!

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