Monday, April 25, 2005

Update on my weekend

First up,once again I admit my ignorance:
Blogger wasn't disagreeing with me;I wasn't reading/interpreting directions correctly.

is up and running with accredited members who can do their own posting.

Over the weekend I've constructed 3 CQed Fan blocks for use in a RR.
I started off using LindaB's "destructions",but ended up with traditional piecing and applique.
Using a six inch(finished) block/foundation I drew this up on paper in three elements:
The background;fan blades and the 1/4 circle base.Using my paper"patterns" I pieced with sew and flip and then appliqued each element.
I also used a white lace around the upper edge of the fan blades for extra emphasis of fan shape.
Just remember, when using these templates to allow an extra 1/4 inch for turnings and applique.

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