Sunday, May 08, 2005

Two less UFOs,and another WiP

As I started this Blog to stir me into completing some UFOs(unfinished objects) and to date only two projects have made the transition,I'm happy to report that another two are no longer WiPs(works in Progress)
Last year a very dear friend decided that Brazilian Embroidery was not "her thing",and subsequently I inherited two kits and various other goodies.Last night,I completed the stitching on both,and when they have dried out after their bath,I'll photgraph them, and add them to the Blog.

I have also commenced work on a block from a RR which I write of in my other blog
The block is a 12 inch square and after deliberation I've chosen to work on the purple patch.
So far I've started an entwining vine down the seam line,where I'll add SRE flowers in tones matching with the other patches,and probably a spray of BDE flowers spilling down the patch.

Anyway,must go and block those BDE flowers for photgraphing.........

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