Sunday, May 08, 2005

Round Robins

After pleading on SCCs for "someone to play with me" I now have five who are joining with me in a Fan Round Robin.
The first Fan RR commenced at a time unsatisfactory for me and I was suffering withdrawal pains at not participating in a RR for a few months-------must have regular "fixes"!
Anyway,MaureenB;CatherineS; JanW; MaxineJ and MarianE are orgainisng themselves with either one 12inch(finished) block, or four 6inch blocks.
So far it seems that three of us have decided on the four blocks,I wonder what the other three will do.
The blocks concerned do not necessarily need to be fans,they can be embellished with will be interesting to watch the themes develop.
I've heard that at least one block will be constructed in lightweight denim,as a result of seeing LindaB's denim telephone pouch.

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