Friday, August 18, 2006

CQed Fabric 'n fibre Postcards


As most of my closer friends know,I'm on a Postcard "binge" at the moment,but up until now have steered clear of CQing them.
Funny thing, but for me CQing a PC is more difficult than constructing a block.

More restrictions arise with the fabric postcard than with a block destined for a quilt:
Size: Limited to 6x4 inches,although one has the choice of either portrait or landscape format.

Thickness: Governed by what Postal authorities deem to be acceptable:e.g. No thicker than one quarter inch,or will slide easily through the slotted card used to check same.

EmbellishmentsNeed to be firmly anchored and not too free flowing or they could get ripped off by embelishment eating postal machines Posted by Picasa

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