Friday, August 18, 2006

Just hangin' around


Another WiP completed.....okay, it still needs some tweaking,but at least (I think) it's recognisable.
My goddess!
Needlefelted with an amount of "Cheesecake" dyed Corriedale wool.

So now it's back to the voodoo board and see if I can save MrsHobbitt from becoming "Cousin It"! Posted by Picasa


Helen said...

She's wonderful. Well done Maureen.She looks every bit as good as Samahdi & co.
Who was the model?LOL

Calidore said...

Love her and the belly button is soooo cute. If you need a home for her I can provide a good

Jane said...

Oh, Maureen, she is fabulous! I love her curvy figure.

Susan said...

She's wonderful and I love your "hanging around" title. =) That belly button jewel is perfect!