Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 11 Quilted F'n F Postcards

These two cards arrived as part of a "quilted" swap: The Dresden plate from JudyB in TX USA was "left over from a doll quilt I made" says Judy.
The entire card outside the plate is stipple quilted.
The precision in the segments of the plate is great.

The second one,from FriedaO in the UK has three differing patterns forming the background:The yellow-orange section is stitched with the seam allowances on the right side and in a wavy pattern(technical term escapes me at the moment)
Central section is like a chess board and the final third put me in mind of the checkered flag used in motor racing.
Super-imposed over the background are two fussy cut Ranunculi flowers.The effect in my mind is of hot summer days! Frieda also finished her edging of the card with a wavy rotary cutter....which appeals to me as I have great difficulty in achieving "tidy" satin stitched edging.

I'm very grateful to both these ladies for swapping with me.........I can only hope they aren't too disappointed with my efforts. Posted by Picasa


NormaH said...

Your postcards are so neat. I've just got too many projects going to try another technic. I need more time!

Helen in the UK said...

Both these cards are lovely. Particularly like the use of different backgrounds on the Frieda's card :)