Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre postcards: Day 27

This little beauty arrived today from my friend Margaret!

The theme of the swap was "Me" or more specifically:
When "I" meets "me"

There are two parts to the card: One is Margaret's description of herself as a housewife,and the other displays a glamourous lady ( "Me in the land of dreams.)
Machine embroidery separates her two selves, and a dainty frame work of confetti frames both segments,and is contained by crystal organza.

On the reverse side of the card is a print of a child and a puppy;the child is wearing what appears to be a hat in the Welsh style.
And as M is of Welsh origin,I think I can be forgiven if I've interpreted it wrongly. Posted by Picasa

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abeautifulcraft said...

Maureen, your post cards are all so beautifully done and creative plus!!!