Sunday, July 01, 2007

How spoilt am I!!

A few years ago,a dear friend was bitten by the stitching bug,and amongst other forms(of stitching) she decided she would try BDE (Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery)
and Stumpwork------

After a while,she decided this was not her "thing",and I have benefitted.

Today,she came to visit and this is part of what she gave me

To say I'm overwhelmed by her generousity is putting it mildly;
I've always loved Stumpwork....(not that I have much to show for my attempts so far)

Hopefully I can produce some worthwhile specimens in the future.

Thank you Gail!

p.s. some time back I blogged photos of three BDE pieces I did for her,I haven't found them in the archives as yet,but Dec10,2005,shows a Swingle I made her from some kimono fabric she gave me

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Doreen G said...

Well how lucky are you then--I love BDE and Stumpwork but I have never been able to do it because of my hands and I can't do the small fiddly bits.

katiejayinpa said...

wonderful gift you have gotten there dear one....congratulations! what is a swingle????

have fun this month...after all your birthday is coming up right....????????? now don;t fib and say no cause i know it

Calidore said...

So do we now see plenty of bugs etc on your postcards????....grin. What a lovely surprise - I'm sure you will make good use of them.