Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Artcards Group 29

Two more beauties arrived in the mailbox today.......
The upper one is from Marylee D in CA :
She has appliqued two fabrics to a third/foundation to produce a great picture.
The beading across the figure's chest and the strand of beads being held add extra dimension.
It's great!! Thank you!

This second leaf shaped card comes from RoslynP in NSW.
Ros and I have participated in several swaps together.
It's obvious that Ros is better with her machine than I!
Apart from Ozpost attempting to cancel on the front of the leaf,it travelled exceptionally well.
The lady-bird beetle is so cute!
Ros..did you place an extra layer of fine batting under the beetle,or is it the quilting that gives it extra depth?
And hey! you should see Ros' lovely neat printing....it makes mine look like chicken scratch!

Thanks Marylee & Ros

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Doreen G said...

What great cards Maureen you are so lucky.

Carol said...

These are gorgeous. I particularly like the idea of the leaf shaped card now that is something different.