Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finally completed

I showed these three cards a while back when they were still unfinished!

Each is 6x4 inch postcard size and ready to go a-travelling!

The brown ones were needle felted using DISSOLVE-4X WSS and my Janome Xpression.

The red one was n/f by hand and then needled (by Xpression) into a piece of Timtex for stabilising.

Glitzy little sequins from Colourstreams were added by hand,as was the brown vine and yarn on the brown cards.
The brown ones were originally constructed for a "colour me brown" challenge suggested by Myfanwy over on Nuvo Felt.

The glitter in the cards was from the addition of some "Spring glitz" from one of my favourite E-bay sellers (Thanks Elaine!)

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Doreen G said...

These are beautiful Maureen

Carol said...

Maureen your postcards are gorgeous. Beautiful colours.