Saturday, August 18, 2007

WiP : Glitz and Glamour

My friends over on CQFriends are having a postcard swap,the theme set being
"Glitz and Glamour"

So, I've been playing with a few ideas,which as you can see have a fair amount of embellishment required to make them glitzy.

The first card has a lady resplendent in a period ball-gown:
With her I've used some luscious silk/rayon velvet from my shopping binge at Colourstreams last week and some gold brocade.
There's also some Angelina fibre over the lavender block on the left.

The second card features an Edwardian lady,(I think)
For sure she's no Gibson Girl as the sleeves are wrong for that style.
I've tried to stay with the colours she's wearing,but I just had to add a dash of glitz with the gold fabric.

Finally,I must admit that this Orange and black piece has been the most fun for me!
The background piece is (hand worked) needle-felt (also bought last weekend in Murwillumbah)
I blended a little lemon through the orange to lessen the starkness of plain orange;
I've also felted some "Mohair glitz" for a bit of sparkle.

Micro sequins are blooming along the feather stitch.

With these three postcards, I now have 14 cards needing to be finished off,so I best go do a stitch or three!

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Doreen G said...

These are beautiful Maureen--
Keep going -you're on the downhill slope now.