Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stash enhancement (S.E.X)

These three photos portray the results of my visit to Robyn Alexander's "Colour Streams" last Friday:

Along with a couple of metres of white muslin gauze,

I acquired two pieces of Robyn's hand dyed gauze fabric (Landscapes) in Marrakesh and Fuschia

I also bought four FQs of Silk Rayon Velvet in Marrakesh, Lillipilli;Nasturtium and Fuschia;

two FQs of Silk Organza in Nasturtium and Aubergine Truffle

and a "few" packets of mini sequins
of 3mm diameter.(Oh! they were soooooooooo enticing!!)

Like kids in a Candy shop( or Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory),it was difficult to know when to stop--------

But imagine.............
only two of you .........
let loose in such a paradise...................

it was so HARD saying

"enough is enough"
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Doreen G said...

Now I am really jealous Maureen--Marrakesh is my favourite Colourstreams colour-I have silk fabric and silk tops-threads-ribbons etc.--you name it I've got it.
I think I would almost kill for it---almost.

Carol said...

Oh! my word these are stunning. Gorgeous colours.