Friday, January 11, 2008

How does your garden grow?

We've had non stop rainshowers since Boxing Day,and the moisture and heat have sent the garden into growing mode.
Everything is so lush and green.

Don't you love the varying shades of green in the Poinciana tree over the back fence?
Unfortunately it didnt have a heavy flowering seaso and what blooms there were ,were soon destroyed by the strong winds we had in December;still,just behind the Poinciana is an African Tulip tree which brings delight to the flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets that feat on its blooms.

I must remember to take a photo of my "Poor man's beans" (dolichus lab-lab).I had forgotten how rampant their growth pattern can be,and I planted six instead of one seed.

My neighbour reckons they're growing like the day of the Triffids! (remember that film of about 30 years ago?)
As long as we (my neighbour and I) have a good crop..............!!
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Carol said...

Wow! Maureen the colour and textures in this photograph is wonderful. I remember the Day of the Triffids, that brought back memories.

patchwitch said...

Ah Maureen, I still love your garden so much! :D

Calidore said...

I'm green with envy at the photos of your garden. Lucky you to get such lovely rain. Nothing here and everything is withering in the scorching heat we have had. Maybe I should print out your photo and put it on the fridge - just to remind me what a real garden looks like...vbg.