Sunday, January 06, 2008

Moodlu revisited

Trawling through my album for shots of the two Silky Oaks
aka A.Grevilliea Robusta that grew along the front bounday at Kenmark,
I found these pics of(from top to bottom):

Gloriosa Lily..........the thicket resulted from one seedpod picked up on the ocean side of Bribie Island about 12 years ago.

The Tibouchina.......self sown by own of the visiting birds;A beautiful plant with its mauve pink petals.


Clerodendrum thompsonae/Bleeding Hearts:
the latter was given me back about 1976 by my friend Rosa, and has followed me through several relocations.
I'm very happy to report 'she' has settled in well at her latest home.

For the last twelve days or so we have been experiencing a reasonable amount of rain.
Many areas have been hit by floods and others have power outages due to today's thunderstorm.
Thankfully all is well at KenMaursCorner.

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Doreen G said...

Maureen I love the Bleeding Heart it is beautiful.

Faye Dianne said...

Maureen, what a lovely specium of the Gloriosa Lilly... I love your Bleeding Heart too, I have one that colour, but have you seen the lilac one with the red centre? It is so pretty as well.
Thinking of you over the Christmas season, hope all is Ok.
cheers - Faye