Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farewell (Princess) Caddie

The Rainbow Bridge
Way back in 1993 my daughter Colleen visited the IPSWICH (Queensland ) markets and saw a tiny scrap of (feline) fur contained in a fishbowl!
For those of you who know Ipswich in the Summer, you can imagine how debilitated this tiny scrap of a kitten was!
Colleen harassed the stall holder so much that he GAVE her potplants AND the kitten to

The poor little mite had not even been weaned........she was taken to a vet....... and then CARED for.

And her life expectancy was not high.

At that stage, BODIE, my elegant black neutered male was the only cat in my life.
Colleen said"Mum! Bodie needs a companion"
Mum said NO.
But over the years, Fate takes a twist
My daughter needed move to the city and do extra study.....

Colleen's four cat people and one German shepherd came home to Grannie and Gramps

I'm sure you have heard the comment"Somewhere a cat is waiting"
(And Caddie was THAT cat!)
All five of them Billie (the Kid)
Jesse (Jomo)
Possum (aka the Duchess and the Kitchen goddess)
Cadbury (aka Caddie/Caddie shack/ aka the Princess)
and Kaiser (the adorable German shepherd) made their home at "Kenmark"
and brought so much joy and unconditional LOVE into my life.

Sadly, as of tonight, Possum/Poss/ the Duchess is the survivor of that family.
I had to make the decision to send my sweet Cadbury over the Rainbow Bridge

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Anonymous said...

Maureeen, I am so sorry to hear about Cadbury....ktj