Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AAQI Postcards

At last!
Today I made an effort to complete my submissions for the ALZHEIMERS ART QUILT INITIATIVE.

When I made my last batch of "paper fabric", I had this project in mind.
Because I had chosen the theme of the cards I would be making would be
"The song has ended, but the memory lingers on"
I chose to incorporate sheet music with lavendar flowers from a paper table napkin.
The face I used from the sheet music was muted too much by the layers of tissue paper, so I used my Intense water colour pencils to increase the colour depth.

Unfortunately with many Alzheimer patients, their short term memory is lost very quickly,and family and friends are often heartbroken by the patient's memories of the long distant past, especially when they are not recognised as being the nearest and dearest.

The third card will be recognisable as being from a recent "ELEMENTS: Water" series.
Because we all need a dream to sustain us, I have renamed this card "Coral Sea Dreaming".
Where better to dream than on an island surrounded by clear clean waters?

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