Saturday, September 15, 2012


 Because Vivian left comment and a query regarding
WORD CLOUD, I just had to renew my thoughts on the subject!
Using I played for a while, initially using words referring to my "battles" learning to become proficient with the EMBIRD software , computers and embroidery machine.
Then I realized that my printer need  new ink supplies!

The first photo shows LOW lacking in ink supplies my Printer was.
So.....something I should have done weeks ago: I visited "Cartridge World" and got supplies.

Photo two and three shows two wordclouds printed on ExtravOrganza and laid over black chintz in the first card, and sky printed fabric in the second.
 For some reason, the Organza didn't print "squarely" and the  resultant cards are slightly skewiff.

Over on PostmarkdArt, a while back, Maureen Callahan wrote an excellent article about wordclouds, and she mentioned Tagxedo

But, being a bear of little brain (myself) so far I have not had satisfactory results.

So, try the links, and have some fun!

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