Thursday, November 28, 2013

CQJP 2014

It's a week  tomorrow since  I returned home from two weeks cruising the waters of New Zealand, and it's been thefirst time since the mid eighties that I have been on vacation with nary a piece of fabric,a skein of thread or silk ribbon  or a bead or three tucked in my luggage.....a most unusual situation, I'll admit.

Early in November, I was motivated by Maureen B's Blog CrazyQStitcher to attempt to return to my love of Crazy Quilting, by signing up for the
CrazyQuiltJournalProject 2014.
I had hoped to have some naked blocks, threads and embellishing materials to take with me on the cruise, but ambition and lack of time prevented that from occurring----I had virtually forgotten so much of CQ and found just constructing a naked block dificult.

So far I have completed constructing five blocks and need at least another seven:
In another first for me, I am choosing to use cream, ecru chocolate and tan fabrics instead of the usual bright jewel tones that I automatically choose.
I have a feeling that using such quiet colours will make life difficult for me in the coming months as I do prefer exuberant colours.

Earlier this week, Sharon B's PINTANGLE newsletter spoke of the availability of her Crazy Quilt Stencils! Somehow I had missed earlier refences to these goodies, so guess what is now at the top of the list for my "must have supplies"!
If you use the link I have included, you will see just how handy these stencil shapes will be .
Just seeing these has enthused me to get stitching again!

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