Thursday, November 28, 2013

I didn't leave on a jet plane!

 After anticipating for some seven or eight months, on November 8, my friend and I waved farwell to beauutiful Moreton Bay for two weeks, and as passengers on the Sea Princess, set sail for Auckland, New Zealand.
I packed the IMPORTANT things like my camera,spare battery,extra Memory stick AND the battery charger and started taking photos before the Sea Princess passed under the Gateway Bridge,down the Brisbane River and north into Moreton Bay!

And what happened??
For some strange reason, NONE of those photos, nor those of Auckland
                    Tauranga     Rotorua
I had hoped that they were hiding on achanged memory stick.........NO.
Thankfully my travelling companion shared some of her shots with me, but I'm still living in hope of finding them....somewhere.

The above shots were taken in the Eco centre in the Auckland area. My fist introduction to native flora and fauna of NZ.

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