Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Buttons 'n beads

Had to go into Caboolture today for yet another Ultrasound.
Completing other chores I needed to do whilst in "town" I thought I'd detour past the newsagent and pick up a copy of Homespun.(just a little retail therapy to brighten the day)
None (Homespun) in stock,but I found the Scrapbooking section with an interesting(read "must have") display of "dress-it-ups" buttons.
O.k. they're plastic and not vintage buttons,but for me,the "Grandmother" and "Victorian florals" themes can figure in some CQ.........sometime!
Must go now and see whether they're easier to scan or photgraph.

Memories,like the corners of my mind.......High button boots;old fashioned swing mirrors/chevals; rocking chairs.....velvet and lace--------time to get the sketchbook/journal out and into gear!

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