Thursday, June 29, 2006



Today was a day of experimenting;playing....with like minded friends.
I had a new heat gun and a heat tool to 'christen':
I got all organised.........even to the extent of including my digital camera!
And when I returned home very late this afternoon,realised that I hadn't used it at all! ***
Hopefully I'll get my act together tomorrow and take pics of my samples,to be included in/with my journal notes for future reference.
From today's little efforts,I think the heat gun will be my favourite weapon: we used it on Tyvek film and Tex;
Vilene stabiliser;
onion bags;
Florist's mesh (wonderful beads,but if overheated a bit brittle)
Florist's tissue;
foil bags from potato chips;
Old Christmas decorations.............
It gave a whole new meaning to Recycling and bag-ladies!
My daughter will HATE me for finding even more excuses to hoard:

It's GOOD for the Environment

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Di said...

Sound great fun. Do I detect encouragement from New Zealand somewhere there??
Have fun