Saturday, July 01, 2006

Heliographic printing


Okay...........does "sun printing" sound better?
Nearly got my act together today,and here is the fruit of the last two day's experimentation.
This is all new to me.....I never played with tie dyeing or batik,or......... in my salad days,
and now I'm doing a frantic catch-up
on all the fun things I missed out on in earlier years

The top (yellowy)piece is my first attempt,when I followed instructions and diluted my transparent paints to a 1 in 3; This first one,I also used three different paints.

The lower fabric was undiluted Setacolour Soleil(Turquoise) and "from go to Whoa",it took about two hours max.
(Nearly instant gratification :-)

It was a clear sunny winter afternoon that we enjoy as standard winter weather in SEQld,so maybe that helped!

Okay.. I moved the frame a couple of times around the yard to capture maximum sun exposure,but I'm rapt in how simple a procedure it is;
I think that the diluted paints will be used up on some of my silk ribbons.........surely a dunk in a tie dye situation,
a sun dry and then heat set with iron should provide some interesting results.
Why not......if I never try,I'll never know.


belle said...

So happy you're having fun with those paints Mauz :(

Fabric looks great, love the turqouise.

There's no stopping you now you've hit your stride vbg

Shirley Goodwin said...

Sun printing is fun isn't it? Love the turquoise.