Friday, June 30, 2006

Last day of June


Today has been another busy day with no photos to prove my words!

I "thought" that I'd finished the Top of the blue work quilt,until "Mr Block-head"
(his term NOT mine) queried WHY I didn't have "a black strip down there".

Yes,in my frantic haste to finish,I neglected one of the strips that emphasize that attic windows!
Could have been worse.....I could have already mitred my corners and basted the sandwich for quilting!!

Also tried (a bit late in the day, and the sun was not at it's best) some heliographic printing.
So those pics will be "tomorrow",hopefully.
My interest in this sun printing was aroused after receiving a gorgeous leaf print Postcard from Sue Reno recently,so I just HADto have a play.......... somehow,I don't think Sue is in any danger of my competition!
I guess my comment for June would be that it's been a month of experimentation and further learning as I drift away a little from being CQ driven into fabric postcards and art journal quilts.

I have also been keeping a journal on the various techniques I've tried,so that when I need them again I hopefully avoid repeating mistakes.
I may not have journalled in the way that SharonB outlined at the Canberra Retreat in 2004,but between blogs and my handwritten journals,but I am trying

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