Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fabric & fibre Cards: Day 20


Angelina fibres are fantastic shimmering fibres that have grabbed the attention of fibre artists in more recent times,and now it is available by the metre in a type of film .
The fibres have two types available: heat bondable and non-heat bondable.
One thing to remember when using them is when pressing them (lightly and low heat) and use a baking parchment to protect both your iron and your ironing board.

The card above only serves to show the sparkle of the fibres.This was one of my early plays with the fibre.
For those of you with access to the Spring 2006 (Issue # 6) cloth paper scissors magazine, there is an excellent article by Jane Weir on "Impress them with Angelina" Only trouble is,my attempts are not as impressive as I'd hoped for! Posted by Picasa

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Susan said...

19 and 20 are both nice ones. 20 is very sparkly! If it isn't what you hoped, try again? Although I think this is very nice.