Friday, September 08, 2006

Fabric 'n fibre postcards: Day 23


I see " Future mail" by Normajean

How cool is this! A crystal ball!

Over on FiberArtTraders (yahoo group) the group momma Normajean has put up pics to whet members' appetites for joining a "crystal ball"Swap.
This is one of the cards she displayed.
Don't you love that hennaed hand!!

Already questions are being asked about how to make that ball.

Most are using clear vinyl,although one member admits to cutting up the plastic report sleeves bought in office supplies.

The general concensus is,that if you use a sheet of tissue paper laid over the vinyl /plastic prior to stitching it you'll have no problem with the stitching.
(Similar I guess to the old method of stitching rubber backed curtains,only there you placed the tissue under!

I seem to remember that my walking(quilting) foot worked well here.Must go check it out,because I'd loveto join this swap.
And I promise that if my cards turn out half as good as Normajeans I'll show you. Posted by Picasa

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