Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fabric and Fibre Cards: Day 18


Yesterday's cards featured hand work;
today's card uses a mixture of stitches available on most modern sewing machines.

Worked on a WoW self patterned quilter's cotton,NancyA has chosen five bright colours,one per stitch pattern and worked it as whole-cloth before cutting to 6x4 postcard size.
Simple and very effective! Posted by Picasa


Helen in the UK said...

It is amazing how effective 'simple' can be sometimes :)

Susan said...

Looks great! I love my machine's stitches. I might have to try this, when another couple of projects are finished.

Di said...

Looks a good idea to try. Also think how good it could look as Christmas pc's using gold thread!

Calidore said...

What a fantastic idea - must try this sometime.