Monday, September 04, 2006

Fabric & Fibre Postcards: Day 19


Today I'd like to feature a card that Nan sent to Helen in the UK and which she mentions in her blog Quilts&ATCs
The theme was TARTAN and Nan chose to spotlight Scottish thistles;
She then shared how she constructed the thistles in the files of Fiber Arts Traders
This is part Nan's description and part mine(after I'd had a play):
Put muslin/homespun into an embroidery hoop and get it good and tight.

With darning foot on and feed dogs lowered,draw a circle about 1 inch in diameter.Stitch around the circumference lines about twice.

Cut the fabric from the middle of the circle as close to the stitching as possible
(like old fashioned cutwork embroidery)

With darning foot still on,stitch across the diameter of the circle from one side to the other.
Be BRAVE :-)!! You need Fast machine speed and fast fabric movement.
Okay it takes practice,(but what doesn't??)
Be sure to stitch into the fabric outside the ring as this will help anchor the stitching.
If you feel you need extra support,place a piece of water soluble Solvybehind the "air"/hole and stitch around the circle again before you start stitching across the opening/hole.

Once you have made several spokes in all directions,the centre becomes quite dense.
Go from the edge to the centre and back,filling in any bare patches.

When your doodad is to your liking,cut the 'doodad' from the hole just inside the edge of the fabric.
And there you have it!
A FME'd thistle,or Shasta daisy,or whatever shaggy flower you desire. Posted by Picasa

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