Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 48

These are three postcards I sent out for the FATs "Crystal Ball Swap!

The top one went to Judith in the UK ( I see stars) and features A butterfly and star sequins against a background of Angelina fibres.,and I stitched hand outlines each side of the ball.

The other two I incorporated Australian stamps with star sequins,glitter and some Angelina to produce "I see Mail" and
"I see a cat in your future".
(People who know me fairly well know to expect a cat somewhere in my projects)

One thing I did learn with the 'crystal' balls was that two layers of plastic/vinyl made life easier!
By sandwiching the contents of the balls between two layers of plastic it was easier to achieve a shaker effect than by sandwiching the contents between fabric and plastic.

This was a
fun swap that caused me to move outside my comfort zone.
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Helen in the UK said...

I really enjoyed this swap too and, like you, didn't know where to start when it was first mentioned. I've since gone on to create a lemon and a pumpkin shaker PC too! Loving the shakers :)