Friday, October 06, 2006

Fabric and fibre Postcards: Day 49

I hate Fridays!

Because I have to wait for two more days
before another mail delivery!

If I didn't know better,I'd think that Judy had planned for this "batty card" to arrive after the recent "Crystal Ball Swap" and before October 31!

J has used a paper foundation piecing method for constructing the bat:
(my daughter in law insists that it's origami;but I'll brainwash her into P&Q terminology eventually)

Back to the bat:
a mottled black fabric has been used,and an orange fabric with gold highlighting and red meandering lines throws the bat into sharp relief.
J has then 'framed' the bat with a fabric featuring gold cobwebs and red spiders.
The reverse/address side has been printed out on fabric.

Thank you,my "batty friend" for sharing your work with me! Posted by Picasa

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Helen in the UK said...

Love the bat card - he's really fun! We get mail on Saturdays too here, but Sunday's are no mail days :(