Saturday, November 18, 2006

Accidental landscape

I had sketched out the layout for my 'canyons at sunset',but along the way,things went pear shaped!
I was hoping for another journal quilt to add to my port folio,but.........not this one.

I'd still like to get the plan to work,but I think it will need piecing and applique rather than Needle felting.
You certainly need sunglasses for looking at this one.
It has a mixture of wool roving,silk tops,silk throwers waste,a couple of (unwrapped )cocoons and a few scraps of wool felt and silk fusion /paper,and yes,I was using my Janome Xpression. Posted by Picasa


ellen in VA said...

Maureen, This is great! How did you find the silk paper fusion reacted to the needles of the xpression? I've been curious as to how it would do. Have the supplies, but no time to make it... LOL! Maybe after the holidays.

emmyschoonbeek said...

I cant help to say I told you so ,,you can do it girl, and see this it is wonderful,

Margaret said...

Absolutely fabulous, clever girl, and BTW, Janome should pay you commission, you are giving the machine a marvellous showing., Margaret XXXX