Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Textile challenges


After attempting a "reverse applique" cityscape that ended up in the discard bin,I tried something simpler:
Instead of the five fabric layers I used in the first attempt,I only used three this time;
I also used a simpler shape: the Kanjii for "tora"/tiger.
All went well until I started using my heat tool for sealing the cut edges.........

Funny,that!The medium edged tool that was unsuccesful on the heavier fabrics was too vicious for the lighter fabrics.
I'll try the fine point next. Posted by Picasa


Carol said...

thank you for mentioning the textilechallenges group maureen, Your chellenge is fab well done. love carol

Maureen said...

No need to seal the edges in reverse applique, Maureen. A couple of rows of fme will stop the edges unravelling further than your stitching. Like the card!