Sunday, November 12, 2006

The weekend that was...............


Not much accomplished creatively here,due to getting ready to place our home in the hands of a realtor in the hopes of "moving on".
Our capable daughter took care of the photographic details.........
(if you've got a specialist in the family,USE them!!)
Hopefully tomorrow evening the details will be up on
(A traumatic time,making the necessary actions to relocate after 22+ years in the one place.)

Anyway,only a little needle punching/embellishing was achieved -- but in the process of demonstrating my new machine to family members a few leaves and petals were constructed to add dimension to my "banner".

In the meantime,a newsletter arrived from Alma Stoller on
Potato Starch Resist Tutorial........and it's well worth a 'look'.
Those of you who are exploring various techniques via Fabric and fibre postcards or journal quilts should enjoy trying this one.
Dare I add that you may even be able to eat the resultant design?

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Jane said...

Best of luck with your impending real estate adventure. We were in our home for 22 years before we moved this year. The positive was getting rid of a LOT of junk that's been needing to go for a while. The negative was leaving a house full of memories. But now I'm looking forward to making lots of new ones here - and I'm sure you will too once you have your new place.